[eBook - Everything you need to know about Responsible AI]

Responsible AI 101

The Fundamentals and Guidelines for Fair, Well-Intentioned, and Ethical Artificial Intelligence

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What can be done to make AI effectively ethical, unbiased, 
and well-intentioned?

This is what we explore throughout this eBook.
It covers:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence and What is Responsible AI
  • The 7 Principles of Responsible AI
  • The Current State of Responsible AI
  • Consequences of Non-Responsible AI: Examples of Failed Implementations and Why
  • Best Practices for Responsible AI
  • Who Is Involved? What Positions and Teams Ensure Responsible IA?
  • What's Being Done Globally for Responsible AI and how Portugal is on the Frontline
  • How to Create a Responsible AI Strategy